Curb Appeal- Before and After

If you recall, we did a blog about an easy way to add curb appeal around your house; by adding pine straw and edgers around the house border. We had experience with doing this before at one of our former rental properties! We bought this rental house as a foreclosure and owned it from 2008Continue reading “Curb Appeal- Before and After”

How to Re-Do a Stain Color

Remember that post I did about dark to light? We took our older, mahogany-colored coffee table, painted the bottom white, added 1x4s and stained them gray, and voila! We had us a whole new table. The only problem was that, as much as I liked the lighter look, the gray stain just wasn’t working inContinue reading “How to Re-Do a Stain Color”

Attached-to-the-Wall Shelving!

Building shelves has been the most life changing DIY we have done! Okay, okay, that sounds very dramatic… but it’s true. 😉 The shelf plans are super easy, and it’s amazing how much a 4-shelf unit can hold! At our house, we have a third-car garage- it’s longer and narrower and we usually use itContinue reading “Attached-to-the-Wall Shelving!”

Side Table: How-To

Hammertime is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our blog, we may earn commissions. Stephen recently built us two side tables for our newly-covered back deck. We ordered a couch and some chairs, but held off on buying side tables (he knew he wanted to try to make them!). They were super easy! WeContinue reading “Side Table: How-To”

Painting Project- Window Trim!

I tackled a new project this week… painting the inside window trim of our family room windows! The backstory is that we originally had blinds covering our four windows in the family room, which looked out to the backyard. When we added a roof over our deck, we decided to take the blinds down. TheContinue reading “Painting Project- Window Trim!”

Custom-Built Shelving

Stephen’s first dabbling in building stuff was with shelving. Shelves provide the space for the kind of storage and organization I CRAVE! With having three kids, we have so much stuff… toys! dolls! Legos! electronics! scrunchies! baseball cards!… and the list goes on. The unfortunate thing about our house is that we don’t have aContinue reading “Custom-Built Shelving”

Framing a Frameless Mirror- Again!

Hammertime is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our blog, we may earn commissions. Once our basement was finished, we had to figure out what mirror to put over the bath vanity. We did some research, and dang- hanging mirrors can be so expensive! A 3-4 foot mirror is easily $150, if not more.Continue reading “Framing a Frameless Mirror- Again!”

Farmhouse “X” Side Table

Stephen and I had our basement finished a couple of months ago. Once it was done, we had the fun task of furnishing it. In the TV room, we ordered couches and a recliner chair (Stephen’s fave), but we needed side tables to go between them. Instead of purchasing them, Stephen googled “Farmhouse side table”Continue reading “Farmhouse “X” Side Table”