Making a Faux Floating Shelf to Cover a Wire Shelf!

Our laundry room is a hot mess. I have lots of thoughts and ideas on what I want to do with it, but it’s just going to take some free time that I don’t seem to have much of lately! ONE DAY! 😉 Anyways, I wanted to try out a quick and (fairly) simple trickContinue reading “Making a Faux Floating Shelf to Cover a Wire Shelf!”

Adding a Wall by Stairs

The last thing we did in our old house’s office was close in a wall where the stairs were once open, and add a single french-style door. We wanted to be able to close in the office to be an independent room, closing off some of the “open concept” that our house offered. I’ll showContinue reading “Adding a Wall by Stairs”

Simple DIY Address Number Sign

I made a SUPER easy front porch decoration for a friend of mine the other day that I wanted to share. It’s a simple idea that adds instant character to a front porch! Supplies: -I purchased three 6 inch numbers from Home Depot for $2.97 each. -I used a piece of excess flooring that measuredContinue reading “Simple DIY Address Number Sign”

DIY Farmhouse Star

I found a cute idea on Pinterest that I wanted to try out- a farmhouse star! It’s a pretty easy concept that makes a really cute decorative piece. Here is what I used: -8 foot piece of thin wood, about 2″ wide and 1/4″ thick-twine-wood glue/hot glue-paint or stain of choice-drill-saw I cut five 18″Continue reading “DIY Farmhouse Star”

Adding French Doors to an Open Space

Another thing we did in our old house’s office was close in a wall and add French doors. The original spot that divided our office and dining room was really just a big opening, and we wanted the two rooms to have more of a separation from each other. Stephen and our neighbor, Billy, measuredContinue reading “Adding French Doors to an Open Space”

Adding Closets to a Blank Wall

Back in 2010, in our old house, we took our box-shaped office and completely re-did it. We added walls, french doors, closets, and built-in shelves! Stephen and our old neighbor, Billy (who is a fantastic wood-worker) did the reno over a few weekends. I wanted to break down some of the things we did intoContinue reading “Adding Closets to a Blank Wall”