Easy DIY Desk Shelf

My 13 year-old tomboy daughter has recently gotten into more “girly” things- fixing her hair, lotions, perfumes, candles, etc. She recently re-arranged her room, and she wanted to turn her desk into a “getting ready” place. One thing she realized was that all of her different items took up so much space on her desk.Continue reading “Easy DIY Desk Shelf”

Kitchen Re-Do on a Budget

Going back to our rental house… before we sold it, we knew we needed to update the kitchen. I feel like kitchens are huge selling points, and our original-1950s kitchen wasn’t going to swing it! We hired contractors to do the installation, but we ordered some basic white cabinets from Home Depot. We had aContinue reading “Kitchen Re-Do on a Budget”

Adding onto our Deck

When we had our house built, our deck was a pretty typical size. We held off on having the builders add stairs, because 1) we didn’t like where they put them and 2) we wanted to make our deck bigger. About 4 months after moving in, we found a deck company to come out andContinue reading “Adding onto our Deck”

Painting a Red Brick House

What do you think about red brick houses? Some people love them and their prestigious look. Others are quick to paint them white, gray, white-washed, or really any other color you can think of! Our former rental house was a red brick ranch, built in the 1950s. We left it as-is, but I’ve been trackingContinue reading “Painting a Red Brick House”

DIY Portable Workshop Table

Our next door neighbor is getting his workshop set up, and he has enlisted Stephen for some help with it. The first thing he asked Stephen to build for him was a portable (rolling) workshop table. He wanted it to be about 3′ x 6′, two levels, with wheels and laminate on top. I gotContinue reading “DIY Portable Workshop Table”

Jack Pine 692 (Benjamin Moore)

I am always wanting good paint recommendations, and I wanted to share my most favorite paint color (at the moment!). I have used this Jack Pine 692 paint color on several projects lately, and it is a great green color. It’s a forest green with a hint of blue in it… it doesn’t lean towardsContinue reading “Jack Pine 692 (Benjamin Moore)”