Under the Sink Organization with an “H” Shelf

Here is my second “all by myself” project! I saw this project online and thought this would be a good one for me to attempt. Not only does building something make me feel accomplished, but I figure that the more I try, use tools, experiment, etc., the better I will get… so I’m trying toContinue reading “Under the Sink Organization with an “H” Shelf”

Building a Room over a 2-Story Foyer

Remember how I said in an earlier post that most of the things we did in the past, we hired out? About 5 years ago, in our old house, we desperately needed more space. We decided to look into putting a room on the second-story, closing up our two-story foyer. Well, this was a BIGContinue reading “Building a Room over a 2-Story Foyer”

$1200 Bathroom Makeover

We decided to update our master bathroom (more on that later…!), and we figured that we’d also update our downstairs/guest bathroom while we were at it. In total, we spent $1200 for materials and labor, and I wanted to share with you what we did! First, we changed out the cultured marble counter and sinkContinue reading “$1200 Bathroom Makeover”

Refrigerator Organization on the Cheap!

Hammertime is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our blog, we may earn commissions. If you’ve read many of my blogs, you probably have noticed that a) I’m pretty realistic… no HGTV-level stuff here and b) I love to do things as inexpensively as possible. Lately, my refrigerator has been bothering me. We haveContinue reading “Refrigerator Organization on the Cheap!”

Cheap Ways to Update a Front Door

Hammertime is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our blog, we may earn commissions. Going back to the rental house we had for 10 years… we knew we would need to update the house before listing it a few years ago, but we also didn’t want to spend a ton of money to doContinue reading “Cheap Ways to Update a Front Door”

Painting our Fireplace White

In 2017, we decided to sell a rental house that we owned for about 10 years. The tenants were moving out, and it seemed like a good time to move on from it. Of course, after 10 years and several families living in it, it needed a LOT of work! But, for this blog, I’mContinue reading “Painting our Fireplace White”

Agreeable Gray- Sherwin Williams 7029

I love it when people post about good wall paint colors. Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine what the color on the little paint card will look like in your home! I wanted to show you what Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray looks like. I used this in our mud room and on our kitchen island (beforeContinue reading “Agreeable Gray- Sherwin Williams 7029”