Should I Paint my Kitchen Island Green??

I think I just did! 😉

Over the past couple of years, I have taken baby steps with painting my kitchen island. Originally, the island was the wall color of the rest of our house (when the house was first built). This was a very light (almost white!) gray.

Then, I decided to paint the island a medium gray color- SW Agreeable Gray. I loved that it gave the island a little more of a contrast as compared to the walls.

I eventually painted the white part, which is the side of the cabinet- I had to wait until our house warranty was up, just in case something needed to be fixed!

Then, when we added the board and batten to the kitchen nook (which we painted a different gray color), I did a quick coat with the same gray over the Agreeable gray (which was more like a greige)… but they were very similar in color.

Oh wait! I’m not done yet! 😉 THEN, we painted the walls in our house and did a flip-a-roo with the board and batten in the kitchen nook- what was gray was now white, and the walls above it were more gray.

So, our island was now a gray color that was no longer in the kitchen nook… it was fine, but I started thinking BIG and BOLD… I could do most any color!

Since I LOVE the green color I’ve been using lately (office wall, filing cabinet, tray), I googled “kitchen island painted green” to see what the images looked like. I wanted to find an image that was similar to my kitchen- most things are light gray and white, and what a green kitchen island would look like in a lighter kitchen.

I loved the way the pictures I found looked… so I went for it!

Here are some not-very-lined-up before and afters… but it’ll show you what a difference the green makes!

I think the part that makes the most dramatic effect is that I painted the white baseboards. The baseboards being white kept the island from feeling “complete”, if that makes sense. The green baseboards make it have like a custom-built feel. I haven’t gotten bold enough to tackle the white cabinets on the other side of the island… not sure I’ll ever have the nerve. But if I do, you’ll definitely find out! 😉

I love it!!! I know this green may not be all of your cups of tea, but what color would you try on a kitchen island?


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