Canvas Craft: A Creative Piece of Art

My mom is uber talented, especially in the areas of painting and art. She has this really cool piece of artwork that I have always been curious about. She told me she made it using a simple canvas and some ribbon, yarn, and other crafty items… it is so unique looking, that I wanted to share how she did it!

She took a 16×20 sized canvas, and using a razor blade, she made even slices down the canvas. This would allow for the items to be woven above and below the canvas. She painted a section of the canvas… as you can see, the top is painted a reddish brown.

She found various yarn, ribbons, and twine and wove them from left to right in different sections. As you can see, she was creative with how the sections of the pieces were displayed… they weren’t woven completely even. She secured the pieces on the back. See below!

I love how she attached the string of beads on the front, just to add some pizazz! Isn’t this neat? I wanted to share in case you felt like creating one of your own!

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