Super Easy DIY Workshop Table

If you’re interested in setting up a workshop table, but don’t have the space or don’t want to sink a lot of money into it… check out what we did!

We took two old saw horses, 2 pieces of 2×4 wood, 2” wood screws, and a piece of OSB board to put our workshop table together. We had all of this on-hand, but if you didn’t, you could pay (on the low-end) anywhere from $13-20 per saw horse, $5 for a 12-foot piece of 2×4 and about $10-15 for an 8 foot piece of OSB board. So, you’re looking at approximately $30-50 in total (depending on your location).

We started off by cutting two 2X4 pieces of wood to the length of the OSB board. Our board was about 5 feet in length, so we cut the 2×4 boards accordingly. We placed them along the edges of OSB and screwed them into place, screwing from the OSB top going down into the wood. (these boards help support the OSB for heavier items that you might place on top)

We set the saw horses up to where the edges of the table top would be. We placed the OSB board on top, with the 2×4 boards resting on the saw horses. Tip: I would allow for a few inches of the board to overhang the saw horses on each side.

Guess what? That is it! There’s no need to drill the boards into anything. Just keep in mind that the table top isn’t attached, whenever you use it or move things on or off.

There you have it… a super easy, super quick workshop table!


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