DIY Corner Shelves

My daughter wanted some corner shelves in her room that could fit a bunch of her knick knacks. Stephen was able to measure out what she wanted to put on them, and then custom-make the shelves for her!

The best part? These were all made from scrap wood pieces! He started off by painting the wood pieces ahead of time… he did white.

He used 1×4 wood and cut 6 pieces at about 12″ in length. On one end of each piece, he cut them at a 45 degree angle. He routed the edges to give the wood some ummph! 😉

He cut some 1×2 pieces of wood into smaller pieces (about 3″ long).

He connected two of the pieces of wood at their 45 degree angles so that they met up perfectly. He wood-glued them together here, and then used a pocket-hole screw to connect them as well. He repeated this for each shelf.

He attached the 1×2 pieces in an L-shape where the corners met using wood glue. He also put pieces of the 1×2 on either end, using wood glue as well.

Once all was dry, Stephen screwed a hole into the 1×2 pieces. This is where he would later screw the shelves into the wall!

He did another coat of paint to cover up the creases and any imperfections.

Once everything was dry, he installed the shelves using 3” screws. My daughter had fun putting all her stuff on them.


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