DIY Outdoor Firepit

My friend, Rose, has a really nice, large backyard at her house. They recently fenced the whole yard in and have been working on making a cool outdoor hangout area.

First, they decided to make their own firepit! She shared with me all the steps along the way (which I’m extra thankful for, as I want to do this one day, too!)

They hit up Home Depot and checked out their stone section. They ended up getting some 8” stones, needing about 40 of them. After finding the best spot in their yard, they carved out a 3 foot diameter circle, using a shovel to cut the circle boundary and remove the sod. They scooped out some dirt to make the circle a little lower than the neighboring ground.

Decisions, decisions… they went with the rounded ones on the right!

Next step… leveling! They set stones across from each other at different points along the circle. Using a 2×4, they laid it across two stones at a time, then used a level to make sure the stones lined up. If they weren’t balanced, they adjusted the dirt below to make the stone higher or lower, as needed.

Next… building the sides! They placed the stones in a circle in one layer. For the second layer, they staggered the stones (so the seams between the pavers on the second layer didn’t match up with the seams on the first layer. ) The third layer was laid out the same as the first layer!

Once the fire pit was framed in stones, they poured a bag of sand inside. Next, they laid some pond pebbles om top of the sand, in order to help out with water drainage. Last, they put some lava pebbles on top to keep everything in place, while looking nice.

Sand layer
Pond pebbles
Lava rocks

That was it!! Now, they can get some wood to put on the lava rocks, light a fire, and enjoy some time around the campfire… just in time for spring and summer!


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