Easy Craft Room Organization Ideas

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I sure do love crafting, even though I don’t think I’m really that great at it. It is almost like a therapy to me- it allows me to create something new, by myself, in quiet (or while listening to podcasts or music). But, if I don’t have a designated space to organize my craft stuff, then I don’t seem to do crafts much. I think I need to be able to see everything I have to know what I can make!

This is a super-grainy picture of one of my favorite things at our old house that I wanted to share. We had a formal dining room that we used maybe once a year. Meanwhile, we were bursting at the seams with the five of us in the house. We decided to turn our dining room into a craft room/homework & art area!

Now that I had a spot to spread all of my craft stuff out, I wanted to come up with a great way to organize everything. I loved the idea of using a pegboard and all the many accessories that are made to go with one!

A pegboard runs about $20 from a home improvement store- more or less depending on the size you’re looking for. When we hung this on the wall, we used screws to install it into the drywall, but put spacers on the screws (between the wall and the board). This allowed for the board to sit off of the wall about a half-inch so I could hang things in the holes, and there would be space for the hooks to go behind the board.

Pegboard accessories! You can buy these anywhere. Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Amazon were my go-to spots. Ikea also has some great pegboards and accessories. You can buy hooks, buckets, baskets, shelves… the list is endless. The Dollar Store was a great place to get containers. You can hang most anything with holes or handles onto a pegboard. I even got Ikea spice racks and used hooks to hang them! You can be as creative as you want.

I got chalk stickers to label everything. It felt so nice to be able to see everything I had, and to be able to get what I needed easily.

And then, one year later… we moved!! I had to say “see ya” to my awesome craft spot. We lived in an apartment for 7 months while our house was being built, so all of my craft stuff was in a box in a storage unit. When we moved into the house, I had a little crafting spot in our unfinished basement that was not very organized. Luckily, we finished our basement up in the fall of 2020 and I got my own little craft room!

Is it sad that I had Pinterest boards for craft room organization? 😉 I didn’t do the large pegboard this time, but I was able to recycle several things from the old craft room.

This shelf was from my parents’ old house that they didn’t want anymore. I spray-painted it turquoise and it was a great fit in this little wall space.

This was an Ikea shelf that fit these Walmart bins perfectly.

For any of you with a Cricut or a Silhouette machine- this is my favorite way to organize vinyl! These plastic pieces are actually grocery bag holders from Amazon. They work perfectly to hold rolled-up vinyl.

This is 4 of the grocery bag holders together.

I also used an IKEA wooden crate (that I painted gray) to hold my HTV (heat-transfer vinyl). Keeping the regular vinyl and the HTV separate from each other is vital!

Simple nails were used to hang my mats. The turquoise holder is from the Dollar Tree.

I purchased this cool wall hanging from Michael’s at 50% off (I believe I paid about $15 for it). it was perfect for my acrylic paints!

I purchased this small pegboard from Ikea for about $10. I spray-painted it turquoise (it was originally white). The hooks were from my old pegboard. I got the little navy containers from Hobby Lobby for 33 cents each!

I surprisingly had too many storage items than I had items I wanted to sort. The glass jars on the right can be used for future items. The tall dresser drawers these items are sitting on provide a lot of storage, mostly for my Cricut items (shirts, mugs, towels, ornaments, etc.).

There you have it! Lots of storage solutions for craft items. These ideas can also be translated very easily to a workshop, office, or playroom! Happy organizing. 🙂


New Rug… BIG Difference!

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Our living room has a contrast in its colors. The walls and accents are gray and white, but our FAVORITE, most COMFORTABLE, AWESOME couch is more of a brown shade. (Did you get the idea of how much we love this couch?!)

After we moved in, I purchased a rug from Target. It was an 8×10 rug that was called “gray”, but looked like it had a gridded pattern of beige and gray. I thought this was a good way to tie in both colors.

It was… okay. I mean, the quality was fantastic. I just felt like the overall look was more beige/tan/yellow than it was gray/white. I didn’t feel like it connected all the shades together like I had hoped it would.

One thing I wanted to do after Christmas was take advantage of rug sales and purchase a new one. I actually found this one on Amazon. I liked the fact that there were free returns if I didn’t like it! The ratings were great, I loved seeing pictures from peoples’ comments, AND it was about 80% off the original price at the time! Plus, I got it in 2 days, delivered to my door. Win, win, win.

I LOVE IT! It is white with cool patterns all over it that are a perfect greige shade. It has lightened and brightened our family room! What do you think?

DIY Mud Area on a Blank Wall

So, we talked about the bench part of the mud area we created, and we also talked about the shelf on top. Now, let’s talk about the rest of the project- framing, hooks, painting, etc.

We purchased three 8 foot pieces of 1x4s. We went ahead and did a coat of white on the boards, knowing we’d have to do at least another coat once they were hung. We also went ahead and painted the wall white where the mud area was going to go.

We installed the bench next, so we would know where to begin our framing. We cut three strips of 1x4s to a length of ~4.5 feet to be the vertical pieces of wood. These cuts were made from each of the three pieces of wood.

The 4.5 foot pieces made the top of our mud area hit right at 6 feet tall. We then cut two 3 foot pieces of board from two of the leftover pieces to go across the top and bottom of the frame. We nail-gunned the pieces of wood into place to form a rectangle.

We found the middle of the mud area and nailed in the third 4.5 foot piece there.

We measured the distance between the side pieces and the middle piece, and cut two pieces of wood to those lengths. (They were about 15″ each in length). Using the level, we nailed them in on the mud area, before painting the entire mud area one more time. We purchased three black hooks for $3 each, and screwed them into the mud area on the wood piece going across.

We caulked where we found any gaps, and used some wood filler to fill in any screws that were showing. We then finished up the shelf, balancing it at the top of the horizontal bar going across the top of the mud area.

And that was it! The mud area is complete!

This was a very inexpensive project. The cube shelf was $25; the wood in total was about $28; the shelf wood, the brackets wood, and the pedestal feet wood were all free; the hooks were in total about $10; the stain we already had; and the paint was just basic white trim paint that we had on-hand! For us, it was about $63 in total. Not too shabby!

Hope you’ve enjoyed following our mud area journey. It’s amazing how much of a difference it has made!

Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray 6205 Paint

Another paint color we decided to use was Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray. It is a shade darker than the Sea Salt color we used in the guest bathroom. We used Comfort Gray in the guest bedroom/Stephen’s office downstairs, and also in the master bathroom.

I love the color. Don’t let the name fool you- I would call this more of a green than a gray. It’s like a soft grayish sage to me. It’s very soothing! See what you think…

It’s very pretty!

Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay 6206 Paint

For our master bedroom, we used the next shade darker from Comfort Gray (and two shades darker than Sea Salt). This paint color is called Oyster Bay by Sherwin Williams.

I definitely love it. I need to get things hung back on the wall to make it feel more like normal, but it’s a nice, peaceful color!

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt 6204 Paint

Another color we used when we got our house painted was SW Sea Salt. When I was doing online research of good paint colors, Sea Salt kept popping up as one that is highly recommended. It’s a light green with some gray in it. I’m usually a blue kind of gal, but lately I have been all about some green! So I decided to go for it in our guest bathroom downstairs.

I LOVE IT!!! It’s a peaceful color, one that adds warmth without being too obvious of a color. I’d highly recommend it, especially for a smaller space.

DIY: Installing an In-Ground Basketball Goal

My three kids love the sport of basketball. They are constantly dribbling and shooting anywhere there is a hoop. We have had a goal in our driveway for years, but it was always the portable kind. After our third one “died” (after cracks in the bases, goals that fell over, poles that won’t stand upright, etc), we opted to install a new goal in the ground.

After waiting weeks on HOA approval (you can only imagine how many times we were asked- “did you hear yet???”), we finally got the go-ahead. But man, this was more of a task than I realized! I wanted to pass on tips in case anyone was looking to do this.

First, you have to dig a whole in the ground that goes down 36 inches. Stephen was able to dig down about 1.5 feet with the shovel, but he then borrowed a post-hole digger from a neighbor. This made the job SO much easier!

This hole is about 18 inches in diameter.
Post-hole digger… a game changer!

Next, we mixed the concrete. We got the “just add water” mixing type of concrete. In total, we used 14 bags of the 80 lb concrete mix.

We dumped a bag into the wheelbarrow, added water with the hose, and mixed with the shovel. We would eyeball the water to make sure the concrete was wet enough, but not too wet.

We then would dump the wheelbarrow’s contents into the hole. We continued this until the concrete level was 18” from the top of the hole. We then added 4 pieces of rebar and placed them in a square position, ~8 inches apart from each other.

Making sure they were 8” apart. You can shift the rebar around.

We kept mixing and dumping the concrete in until the concrete was 4” from the top. We cut a 4” tall piece of circular concrete form and placed it on top of the concrete.

I don’t have a pic of it in the hole, but it was just a 4” tall section of this that sat on top of the concrete.

We continued to fill… it only took one more bag at this point for us. Once it was full, we smoothed out the concrete. Stephen put the plate with attached anchor bolts down into the concrete.

The front of the plate will be 26” to the backboard of the goal, so he placed it in a good spot where the backboard will hang over the driveway a bit.

He made sure the plate was level to the ground.

We let the concrete sit for 7 days. The directions recommended 4 days, but between weather and just life happenings, we waited 7 days. It was extra solid!

We screwed the pole into the screws coming out from the concrete. There were nuts and washers that tightened the baseplate. You could level it by adjusting the washers.

The last step was putting up the backboard. The directions said “use 4 adults” and they weren’t kidding! This last step was heavy and hard, but Stephen and two neighbors of ours were able to get it up and screw everything into place.

Ahhhh…. The kids are so excited to have a goal in the driveway again. It’s been a long 2 months! Hope these tips might be able to help you on your future goal installation. 🙂

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