Attached-to-the-Wall Shelving!

Building shelves has been the most life changing DIY we have done! Okay, okay, that sounds very dramatic… but it’s true. 😉 The shelf plans are super easy, and it’s amazing how much a 4-shelf unit can hold!

At our house, we have a third-car garage- it’s longer and narrower and we usually use it just for storage. However, it’s a complete blank slate- empty walls galore. We had some moveable shelves in there, but they are different heights and sizes and can only function alone. Stephen started thinking about how nice it would be to have a wall of nothing but shelving that was attached to the wall. He looked up plans, and bada-bing, bada-boom, he built them!

Side note: One thing I’m going to try to be better at is taking pictures along the way! You readers will have to hold me to that. 🙂

Stephen printed off the plans, and followed step-by-step, only changing the dimensions and shelf heights based on what we needed. Stephen’s plan was to put these shelves along the back wall of the garage, covering all but a three-foot gap on one side to put upright things like golf clubs/our popup tent, etc. Guess who we used? Yep, Ana White. Her plans are really amazing. I highly recommend you go check her out!

It’s very important to make sure the wall boards are level. I helped Stephen a lot with this project at the beginning, to help hold boards and make sure they were level before installing them.
Stephen made ours 110″ wide, shorter than the 144″ plan.
He also made the bottom shelf higher so we could store things on the ground.

Here is the final product!

Can I tell you my most favorite part about having a lot of shelving in the garage?… a place to store all my paints and paint stuff!! We have SO many smaller paints/stains that seem to find themselves on every random storage shelf inside and outside of our house. It’s nice to have enough space to keep them all in one spot!


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