Framing a Frameless Mirror- Again!

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Once our basement was finished, we had to figure out what mirror to put over the bath vanity. We did some research, and dang- hanging mirrors can be so expensive! A 3-4 foot mirror is easily $150, if not more.

We really liked the look of the rustic mirror frame we did on the main floor, so we decided to go with that idea again. Stephen purchased a 2.5 ft x 3.5 ft frameless, beveled mirror for about $30. The beveled mirror was about $15 less expensive than the completely flat mirror. The wooden frame would cover the beveled section, so it didn’t really matter which one we got.

We held the mirror on the wall and leveled it, then penciled in small “Ls” where the corners would go. We covered the back with gorilla glue, making sure not to get too close to the edge so it would ooze out on the sides, lined up the mirror in the “Ls” and pressed hard. Stephen measured the distance from the top of the vanity to the bottom of the mirror and cut out two small pieces of 2x4s for the mirror to sit on while the glue is drying. You can see the two pieces better in the below picture.

We also measured the top and bottom of the mirror for how long we wanted the boards to be, and cut them accordingly.

Stephen screwed these two holder pieces into the wall. The holes would eventually be covered by the wood.

I had gone ahead and painted the boards ahead of time. We went with gray paint this time to keep with the lighter feel of the colors of the basement. We leveled the top and bottom pieces of wood and made marks where the corners would go. We put gorilla glue on the back and held it up there. (Remember- don’t get too close to the edge! You don’t want it to ooze out on the sides, but also, if the glue is too close to the edge, you can see the reflection of the glue on the back in the mirror!) Stephen cut down the wood piece holders to two shorter pieces to hold the bottom board up.

These two smaller holder pieces were not screwed into the wall, as the wood wouldn’t cover those holes.

We then measured the left and right sides to make sure we cut the side pieces perfectly. Definitely don’t assume that the lengths will be the same! We gorilla glued them to the wall. We liked the top and bottom pieces of wood to overhang the side pieces by about an inch.

The next day, we put the painted brackets on with screws.

Now we have our bathroom mirror, all for about $50!

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