Welcome to our blog! We are Brooke & Stephen… 40-somethings; married since 2005; have three awesome kids. Brooke is a former teacher, Stephen is in sales. During the 2020 quarantine, we decided to learn how to be “handy”! Neither one of us grew up knowing how to build things, knowing how to use tools, etc. It’s been pretty amazing to see how easily and how quickly you can learn to build things with the right tools (no pun intended… well, kind of ;).

We had a couple of reasons for starting up this blog. First off, we wanted to show you that you’re never too old to start learning how to build. Just because you didn’t grow up with your grandfather showing you how to use tools doesn’t mean you can’t ever learn. Most instructional sites we have seen are a bit intimidating, as the people doing the work seem to have years of experience. We wished there were more sites out there with easier projects, simpler instructions, and good advice for beginners. We’ll be sharing our experiences and tips with building things, painting things, doing updates around the house to help give you ideas of what to do (or possibly, what not to do!) to hopefully inspire you.

The next reason is that Brooke LOVES a good before, during, and after. There’s just something about seeing the progress of a dramatic change! This blog documents the fun projects we have made, every step of the way. We both love to be frugal, so a lot of the tips on this blog will show you how it doesn’t necessarily cost a fortune to make a big difference!

We hope you enjoy and get some kind of inspiration to do or build something new in your house!


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