Curb Appeal- Before and After

If you recall, we did a blog about an easy way to add curb appeal around your house; by adding pine straw and edgers around the house border. We had experience with doing this before at one of our former rental properties! We bought this rental house as a foreclosure and owned it from 2008 until we sold it in 2017. It was not exactly taken care of in those years, so we had a LOT of work to do in it (and around it!) to get it ready to sell.

I tackled the garden/landscaping around the house. It. Was. BAD. Let me show you:

Whew. This ended up taking me days to complete! I remember one day, I was digging up some deep weeds when a long snake came out of some hole right by my hand. I lost it. I can’t do snakes. I also got poison ivy all over me! This was not the most fun job I’ve ever had to do, I can tell you that.

It was a lot of weed pulling, brick-border arranging, and pine straw laying… but I think it paid off.

I ran out of bricks… hence the tree limbs used in this picture. 🙂

We also created a walkway, since the original one was quite dilapidated.


The yard is covered with trees and is very shaded, so there is little grass growth. We didn’t have to till any grass before we made the walkway. We bought several bags of pebbles and landscaping pavers for the steps. We used the garden brick border as one edge of the walkway, and we bought some inexpensive plastic edging for the other side. We fixed and replaced the bricks at the bottom of the stairs, where the new pebble walkway met them.

This is (a very blurry) before… a pic from when we first bought it in 2008!

Wow! What a difference, huh? Super cheap, relatively easy… just some time and energy required. Oh, and some calamine lotion.


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