Wood Touch-Up Markers

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I have to share something that I have used for years now, in case you don’t know about them. They are furniture/wood touch-up markers– they help cover up scratches/chipped wood or paint. The kit comes with several shades of brown (and even gray and white), so you can match it as closely as possible to your wood.

This is 3 of about 17 in the kit.

I’m working on creating an accent wall in my office today, and I moved a heavy shelf out of the way to get to the wall. Unfortunately, because I slid it over, the floor under the shelf had several scratches. (We have LVP flooring, not real hardwoods).

I pulled out my handy-dandy markers and tried to match which ones went best. I started with a lighter marker to be safe… I figured I could always go darker if I needed to, but not vice versa.

It filled in the scratches very nicely! If you know where to look, you can slightly see the different shades of brown, but overall, you can’t even tell it was once scratched!

From a distance.

Floor savers!! (Thank goodness. The look of panic on my face when I slid that shelf over…!) You can grab these at Amazon by going here.


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