Making Two Cube Shelves into One Piece

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If you have followed me for awhile, you’ll know that I am all about utilizing cube shelves! (like here and here) I feel like they are a fantastic way to stay organized.

We have a loft area upstairs in our house, where the kids hang out a lot. I put two cube shelves together on a blank wall to organize some of the junk stuff we have. However, I wanted to make it look more like a solid piece of furniture, instead of two shelves next to each other. (Do you remember my other cube shelf makeover?)


I checked out our scrap wood pile and found a shelf made of composite wood (from my daughter’s closet makeover). I cut it to the width of the two shelves together, plus about 1” extra on each side.

I put wood glue on the top of the shelves. The edges of the tops of the shelves are raised up about 2mm from the rest of the top, so I put the glue on the edges since the wood would sit directly on them. I set the wood on top and clamped it down to dry.

I found some extra trim in our workshop- they were in two pieces, so I cut one so that together they matched the width of the wood. Once the top was dry and in place, I used wood glue to glue the trim on the front. I used the clamps to hold them in place. (Tip: this would be much easier with two people!)

Once everything was dry, I painted! I went with a fun light turquoise color. I got more fabric bins to fill up all 12 spots, and… voila!


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