Sprucing up a Small Bathroom

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Our master bathroom has a bigger main sink and shower area, and a tiny toilet room. The tiny toilet room is just blah. Even if I were to paint the walls, it’s still just meh. Do you like my descriptive words to explain it? 😉

So, I decided to take a chance on something that I probably wouldn’t be willing to chance on in a more public space of our house. I found this sticky brick wall paper on lightning deal on Amazon, for a whopping $11. I read the reviews and looked at people’s pictures and decided to go for it. Now, this isn’t 3-D brick wallpaper or anything. It is printed-on bricks that you know aren’t real, but are able to give you the brick effect.

It was super easy to install. It’s not like normal wallpaper… it’s almost like contact paper. You just cut to size and press it on! This roll fit the space almost perfectly (except for a small part behind the toilet- eh, what can you do?). I put the wallpaper down in two strips, starting at the top, and overlapping a little in the middle.

Here’s how it looked when it was done!

I was planning on adding trim to the sides and top, mostly because the edging wasn’t perfect, and it would cover the edges up. But then, after a couple of days… this happened.

wah waaaaahh

Now, the trim wasn’t just to hide the edges- it was vital to keep this wallpaper up! I had trim waiting for me to paint and install, but was planning on taking my sweet time with it. I guess not now. 😉 I got 1.5 inch flat trim, and I got 3 pieces of it. I painted the trim white.

I cut the pieces to size- I cut the top piece from the left to the right, and then used two full pieces to go down the walls. There was about 2 feet missing at the bottom that I used the extra trim from the top piece to fill in until it reached the baseboards. I got the nail gun and compressor up and running, and got to hanging!

Then, I added shelving. I had some rustic shelves in the basement that I painted white and hung up. The middle part, where the two rolls met was a little obvious to me, so I wanted to hide that as much as I could.

Without the gleam and shadows from the light!

This was a super cheap project. $11 for the wall paper, about $8 for the trim, and the shelves and paint we had on-hand! This is definitely not something I would do anywhere else in the house (unless it was more decorative/patterned wallpaper), but I like how it adds a little something different in this space!


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