Repurposing another Wooden Sign

There was one more wooden sign that was in my son’s room that screamed “don’t get rid of me!”. It was a nice, circular wooden sign that was designed to look like a baseball. It’s almost 3 feet in diameter, so it’s a great size! I envisioned turning it into a farmhouse-ish sign for my entry foyer.

I did a coat of white on the red stripes first.

I started off by painting the sign white… besides the coat I did on the red stripes, it took two coats of white chalk paint. I bought a small (~8 inch diameter) wreath from Hobby Lobby for $5, and cut it so that it was about 18 inches long stretched out.

I drilled a hole in the top center of the sign, and used white pipe cleaner to hold the greenery onto the sign. I used white pins to keep the ends in place. I used some burlap ribbon to tie a bow, and used white pipe cleaner to secure it in the drilled hole, too.

I used my Cricut to cut out “Welcome” and applied them to the sign.

And there you have it! This sign was made out of everything I had on-hand, minus the $5 wreathe. Now it adds a nice touch to my entryway!


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