Laundry Room Shelf Update

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Last week, I posted about the faux wooden floating shelf I did in our laundry room, to cover up the wire shelf that came with the house. I did a couple of more updates that I wanted to share!

First, I painted the white shelf holder bracket things black. I used black acrylic paint, and it took two coats. Easy peasy.

The second thing I did was order some Sterilite baskets from Amazon. I’ll preface this with… I was going for farmhouse-looking baskets to organize the items that were on the shelf. However, I just can’t justify paying $10-20 per basket, especially when I wanted between 5 and 6 of them! As much as I appreciate our laundry room, it’s not that high up on my “making cute” list. 😉

Back to the Sterilite baskets… I used them for my daughter’s shelf a few months back, and I was impressed with the quality. Plus, I got them for a great deal on Amazon. I looked again on Amazon, and found some the size I was looking for, getting 6 for $25.

They came in 2 days, and I got to organizing! Here is what it looks like now!

Getting things organized makes my heart and brain happy! The next updates here will be paint (we’re hoping to get the whole house painted this summer 🤞🏻) and maybe a cute laundry sign above the shelf. But for now, I’ll enjoy my newly organized space!


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