Mud Room- Finishing Touches

So, we talked about the bench part of the mud area we created, and we also talked about the shelf on top. Now, let’s talk about the rest of the project- framing, hooks, painting, etc.

We purchased three 8 foot pieces of 1x4s. We went ahead and did a coat of white on the boards, knowing we’d have to do at least another coat once they were hung. We also went ahead and painted the wall white where the mud area was going to go.

We installed the bench next, so we would know where to begin our framing. We cut three strips of 1x4s to a length of ~4.5 feet to be the vertical pieces of wood. These cuts were made from each of the three pieces of wood.

The 4.5 foot pieces made the top of our mud area hit right at 6 feet tall. We then cut two 3 foot pieces of board from two of the leftover pieces to go across the top and bottom of the frame. We nail-gunned the pieces of wood into place to form a rectangle.

We found the middle of the mud area and nailed in the third 4.5 foot piece there.

We measured the distance between the side pieces and the middle piece, and cut two pieces of wood to those lengths. (They were about 15″ each in length). Using the level, we nailed them in on the mud area, before painting the entire mud area one more time. We purchased three black hooks for $3 each, and screwed them into the mud area on the wood piece going across.

We caulked where we found any gaps, and used some wood filler to fill in any screws that were showing. We then finished up the shelf, balancing it at the top of the horizontal bar going across the top of the mud area.

And that was it! The mud area is complete!

This was a very inexpensive project. The cube shelf was $25; the wood in total was about $28; the shelf wood, the brackets wood, and the pedestal feet wood were all free; the hooks were in total about $10; the stain we already had; and the paint was just basic white trim paint that we had on-hand! For us, it was about $63 in total. Not too shabby!

Hope you’ve enjoyed following our mud area journey. It’s amazing how much of a difference it has made!


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