Breakfast Nook Board & Batten… flipped!

You may remember that one of our first “covid projects” was installing faux board and batten in our breakfast nook. It totally changed the look and feel to that area! We decided to paint the board and batten gray, since the top wall part was a suuuuuper light/almost white color. This wall continued into the kitchen, so I opted to keep the top the same color so I wouldn’t have to paint all the walls, and just paint the bottom gray for more of a contrast.

Fast forward almost 1.5 years, and we are finally getting around to having the interior of our house painted! We chose a gorgeous light gray color for most of the house. The problem was… it leans more to the taupe side of gray, while the board and batten is more of a gray-gray. The top and bottom wouldn’t look right.

So, while the painters were here, I asked if they could paint the board and batten with white trim paint… and they did!

I put my thing down flipped it and reversed it. (Anyone else signing that Missy song now??) I kept singing that in my head all night. 🤪

Which way do you like this room better?


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