DIY Decorative Lantern

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I made another fun thing out of scrap wood… a decorative lantern! It was SUPER easy and quick… and I didn’t even need to use screws! Let me tell you how.

Wood material:
-1×6 wood cut into 4 pieces that are 1″ wide, 1″ deep, and 14″ long (side supports)
-1×6 wood cut into a square (5-3/4″ square), 2 pieces (top and bottom)
-1×4 wood cut into a square (3-3/4″ square), 1 piece (smaller top)
-1×1 inch, 4 pieces (feet of lantern)

Tools needed:
Wood Glue
-Screwdriver (optional)

First, I went through Stephen’s extra wood and found several 1×6 and 1×4 scraps that could work. I measured off the above wood pieces and made marks on the wood. I then got to cutting!

Once I had all of my pieces (11 pieces total), I pulled out the wood glue and put the pieces together. I originally was using the wood glue to hold the lantern in place so I could later screw the pieces together.

I put the side supports on the base.

I added on the top and glued it on.

I added the smaller top, and ended up screwing this in. (Though wood glue would’ve been fine).

I also added on the four feet. I let the wood glue dry and guess what? It stayed together SO well, I realized I didn’t need to worry about screwing all the pieces together! The wood is very lightweight, and the wood glue was super strong. I’m glad, because this wood was so lightweight that it was starting to split when I screwed the little top on… I was afraid to do more!

Next, I painted the lantern a pretty light green color, and added a small piece of decorative rope that I had on hand for the top. I just hot-glued the rope to the underneath of the lantern, so it will be more so for looks than being functional. I also added a little candle… and voila!

One thing I may add on is a decorative knob on the top… but I haven’t found one I love just yet. This was a super easy, very quick project that was basically free- everything was something we already had!

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