Backyard Landscaping Ideas

I couldn’t think of a better blog title for this post. 😉 When my mom was looking around at houses, she always said she didn’t want any more grass than she could “cut with fingernail clippers”. Her cute backyard has some shade, some trees, some bushes, and some grass… but my mom got creative and did some yard landscaping to reduce the amount of grass! She’s not quite done yet, but I wanted to show you what she’s done so far! I’ll have to update you when she finishes.

Here are some before pics:

These pics are from when we built the screened-in porch at her house! But you can see what the backyard looked like.

She put down cardboard and lined out a path with bricks. She put down pine straw behind the path and planted plants and bushes.

She ordered pea gravel to be delivered, and she spread it out on top of the cardboard.

It’s getting there! I wish I had her eye to be able to come up with this concept on my own. 🙂


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