DIY Farmhouse Monogram

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Our town has the cutest new place. It’s a huge building filled with people’s booths of things they are selling… usually unique DIY/crafty-type stuff or decorative accents. It’s kind of a step up from any market shop I’ve been to before. I could get in a lot of trouble ($$$) there!

My middle child wants to redecorate her room with a farmhouse theme, so this place was a perfect spot to shop for and/or get ideas. One thing I found (for $45) was something I thought I could recreate pretty easily.

I had a free couple of hours one night, so I decided to make it for her with whatever we had available at home. I went through our scrap wood pile at home and found some pieces that would work. For the main board, I found a piece of shelving board and cut it to a good size. (About 10” x 14”).

I found a scrap piece of 1” x 3” wood and cut two pieces to the 10” width of the main board.

I then painted the wood. I have to admit that I was not really feeling up to staining the top and bottom piece (like at the market), so I opted for gray chalk paint. I love the look of stain, but it can be so messy- and I wasn’t up for getting messy this particular day. 😉

The one at the market used wooden letters that were painted and screwed on. Since I was doing this last minute and didn’t have a wooden letter, I decided to use my cricut machine to cut the letter out of vinyl.

I used wood glue to glue the top and bottom pieces on.

Once the pieces were glued on, I used a nail in the back to secure the ribbon holder in place.

I put the letter in place and used Mod Podge to seal it in place.

I let it dry for a good day, and then hung it in her room! Here it is, illuminated by her LED lights (which are totally “farmhouse”, right?? 😂)

I am definitely in favor of supporting small and local businesses, but it’s fun to walk around these types of places and get DIY ideas. When you see something, especially wall decor, don’t be afraid to try it! It’s pretty fun to add new decorative stuff to a room… especially when it’s basically free.

Hammertime is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our blog, we may earn commissions.

Check out Antique Farm House for great farmhouse decor.

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