My Friend’s Bathroom Redo

I have some really supportive friends who have been cheering me on with my blog and my DIY projects. I wanted to occasionally spotlight some of my friends/family who are doing really cool things at their own homes! My friend, Rose, is a fellow “new-to-DIY-er”. (I’m going to make that a word 😉 ). SheContinue reading “My Friend’s Bathroom Redo”

Craft Room Organization Ideas

I sure do love crafting, even though I don’t think I’m really that great at it. It is almost like a therapy to me- it allows me to create something new, by myself, in quiet (or while listening to podcasts or music). But, if I don’t have a designated space to organize my craft stuff,Continue reading “Craft Room Organization Ideas”

Removing a Garden Tub (Bathroom Re-Do)

A recent project we’ve done that has been several months in the planning stages is one at my mom’s house. When she moved into her house last summer, there were two things she had wanted to change: adding a screened-in porch, and taking out the garden tub and putting in a walk-in shower (and turningContinue reading “Removing a Garden Tub (Bathroom Re-Do)”

Board and Batten- Bedroom

My middle child makes me laugh, all the time. There’s something about her demeanor that is sweet and caring yet witty and sarcastic, and the combination is amazing to me. Take her room style, for example. She went from wanting a “fluffy” room 2.5 years ago (fuzzy pillows, rug, soft turquoise, pink, and silver accents);Continue reading “Board and Batten- Bedroom”

Dresser Makeover

One thing I really enjoy doing is updating furniture with chalk paint, adding new accessories, etc. I think it’s the instant gratification it gives you… you work for a few hours and you have something completely brand new in front of you that you’ve created! My sweet friend Amy (hey Amy!) had a dresser thatContinue reading “Dresser Makeover”

Playground Makeover

We got our first daughter a wooden playground back in 2010. Considering that we had two more little ones come along in the next few years, that playground was a great investment! But after 10 years, man… the once fresh-looking wooden playground was a bit sad looking, worn from the many years of sunlight. So,Continue reading “Playground Makeover”

DIY Window Shutters

Once Stephen finished up his man-shed, it was my turn to put in some feminine touches. You gotta keep a balance, right?? My first idea was to build shutters for the window. Turns out, it was SO easy to do. And cheap! I looked up some tutorials online and combined some together to create mine.Continue reading “DIY Window Shutters”

DIY Farmhouse Monogram

Our town has the cutest new place. It’s a huge building filled with people’s booths of things they are selling… usually unique DIY/crafty-type stuff or decorative accents. It’s kind of a step up from any market shop I’ve been to before. I could get in a lot of trouble ($$$) there! My middle child wantsContinue reading “DIY Farmhouse Monogram”