Bathroom Remodel in a 1950s House!

My sister has a beautiful home. It’s a sprawling ranch that was built in the 1950s. (Bomb shelter included!) My sister, along with previous owners, have done various updates throughout the years. Their master bathroom, however, hadn’t been updated in a long time… if ever. They decided now was the time!

First of all, let me show you the before picture…

This is standing in the doorway. You can see how small and closed-in this bathroom feels!
Notice the tile flooring, and the shower door that, when open, takes up a lot of the wall space. The shower continued behind the wall but that big corner bench took up a good amount of space.

Here are pictures of the steps along the way…

Demolishing the old shower. This bathroom instantly looks twice the size!
Framing out the shower.
A close up of the tile they chose for the shower floor.
Where the shower niches will go.
Subway tile on the walls.
Shower head/faucet installed!
New tile flooring! The longer, wider pieces really make the bathroom feel bigger.
Shower doors installed! I love how they went for the option of the sliding doors. No more shower door taking up a lot of space!

SUCH a difference! It’s amazing how much more open the bathroom is. They’re still waiting on the vanity to come, so I’ll be sure to update you on the grand finale when all is complete.


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