Master Bath Remodel- Part 3 (Countertops)

Our original countertops were made of cultured marble, and we wanted to update it to granite countertops. We went to a local granite place, picked out a piece we liked, and they came to measure, cut, and install. We got new faucets and new sinks. I love it! Before: It definitely makes more of aContinue reading “Master Bath Remodel- Part 3 (Countertops)”

Master Bathroom Remodel- Before!

Next week, we are starting our master bathroom re-model! I’m very excited, but we are currently living in limbo- we had to remove everything from our bathroom and master closet. Let’s just say that our dining room and office are currently filled with clothes, shoes, and more! (on the plus side, I’ve found a lotContinue reading “Master Bathroom Remodel- Before!”

DIY Wooden Window Valance

Hammertime is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our blog, we may earn commissions. I found a CUTE idea on Pinterest several months ago that I saved for me to remember to do in the future. Here was my inspiration: The problem was… it was just a picture! No directions, tips, etc. So IContinue reading “DIY Wooden Window Valance”