Holiday Decor: DIY No-Screw Lantern

Another oldie but a goodie… this would make a cute Christmas decoration! Paint it whatever color you want, add a holiday ribbon or some greenery. This would also make a cute gift!

You may remember that I built a lantern out of scrap wood a few months ago. With our large stack of scrap wood, I decided to build another one! This time, I wanted it taller, and I also didn’t follow any specific plans. I went by what I remembered and what made sense!

I cut four pieces of 1×3 to heights of 36″ each. I cut 1×6 wood into two rectangles, 5″ x 6″.

I didn’t use any screws for this- it was all built with wood glue! I started off by gluing the four posts onto one of the rectangles- one post sat on each corner.

Since these posts were much taller than my last one, they wanted to lean. I cut some small pieces of lightweight scrap wood to the 5″ side length and glued them to two posts at a time, to try to keep them straight.

I repeated this on the other side, but then the sides wanted to lean away from each other. Sigh! This was not going according to plan!

So, I cut two more thin pieces to the 6″ length and put across the tops, trying to keep the sides straight.

Woohoo! This seemed to work! But now… it looks kind of weird. What to do?

I decided to flip it! I made the bottom the top, and I added the other rectangular bottom underneath what would’ve been the top. I also added two more lightweight pieces of scrap wood to the sides to look more uniform.

Whew! Crisis avoided. I actually like it this way! I cut a 3″ x 4″ piece of wood and glued it to the top.

I drilled a hole in the top and put a decorative drawer pull in the top. Then, I painted!

Ta-da! A (relatively) easy and cheap project that adds great farmhouse decor to my living room!


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