Fun Shiplap Wallpaper

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After my first wallpaper experience (and by wallpaper, I’m talking about the peel-and-stick kind, not the official kind), I was sure I wouldn’t do it again. But… Amazon gets me. They have such dang great deals sometimes! I found this cute shiplap peel-and-stick wallpaper for cheap. I checked out the reviews and looked at the pictures people put of their purchases, and decided to go for it!

The back wall in my laundry room was where I envisioned this wallpaper going. We’re going to get all of our interior walls painted soon, but I wanted a little something different for that back wall that’s visible to anyone who walks by.


I ordered 4 rolls of the wallpaper and paid about $24 total. I started in the top left corner of the wall, and worked from left to right, all the way down. I did my best to keep the wallpaper sticking in a straight direction… sometimes it’s easy for the wallpaper to trend on a slight downward slope! This was especially important with the shiplap look, since you don’t want the boards to look slanted.

You also have to try not to let the paper stick to itself! Luckily, if it did, it came apart pretty easily. It was easy to smooth out wrinkles and bubbles as well.

It ended up being really easy. When you ran out of wallpaper, the next roll picked right back up where you left off. It was easy to cut around plugs, etc. I also used an exacto-knife to cut the excess wallpaper on the edges.

I kept going until I was done! I didn’t wallpaper behind the washer and dryer, since no one will see that until we move them one day! This was a cheap and relatively easy (maybe 3 hour) task. I also added a couple of fun laundry signs from hobby lobby!

Are you a fan of the peel-and-stick look? Check out my shiplap wallpaper here at Amazon!


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