DIY Farmhouse Console Table

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We have a guest room that my husband also uses as his office. Since we don’t have guests all that often, it gives him more space in which to work (and the ability to shut the door for conference calls when the kiddos are home!).

BUT… it has been just his desk and a bed for far too long. He wanted to keep the open feel to the room without adding a bulky piece of furniture, but I wanted to add something that could hold a lamp, be a place to set things, etc. We looked online for ideas and decided on a three shelf farmhouse console table!

Stephen came up with his own plan, utilizing the basis of the farmhouse “X” side table he made last year. He followed the steps, while extending the width to be 5 feet, and adding a third shelf.

I painted the base of it with white chalk paint, and stained the top with Minwax Red Chestnut.

Stephen added brackets on each corner of the table.

I topped it off with this rustic lamp, and hung a mirror and added a few decorations for the time being… and voila! It is perfect for this room.


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