Vertical Shiplap in the Office

Having my new office desk has inspired me to do a little office makeover. I’ve been doing a lot of researching online and have discovered that I love the idea of a “feature wall”. It’s kind of like an accent wall with flair! Many people do full-wall shiplap, board and batten, cool geometric designs, etc. I’m too practical and wanted an idea that looked good, but that could be changed easily when the trends change.

Hot mess office

When doing my researching, I also discovered that I am absolutely DIGGING this certain green color! It’s kind of forest-green with a hint of blue.

I had purchased some of the peel-and-stick shiplap (like I used on the fireplace) from a local overstock store. I got 4 boxes for $21 each. I was planning on using it in our guest bathroom, but thought I could do a half-wall of shiplap in the office instead!

Besides the shiplap, I purchased two 8-foot 1x4s ($4.50 each), an 8-foot piece of quarter-round trim ($6.24), and a quart of paint: Jack Pine by Benjamin Moore (I got this color-matched at Home Depot using a Behr semi-gloss paint for $16). So I spent a total of about $115 on this makeover.

Check out the progress:

The first few boards.
Instead of a “penny gap” for spacing the shiplap, I did a “paint stick” gap. 😉 it was a little bigger than normal, but see what you think with the final product!
Almost there.

One thing I had to do was cut around the two outlets we have in the middle of the wall. This was really easy. I put the piece of shiplap up to where it would rest, and marked where the outlet would be and drew an outline of it.

I then took a razor blade and cut this shape out. I had to go over it a few times before the shiplap would break off.

I then started painting. I focused on making sure the cracks between pieces were painted well before painting the rest of the shiplap pieces.

I did two coats of paint in total.

I painted the two 1x4s and let them dry. Stephen helped me hold them up and level them. We used our nail gun to install the wood.

I cut and nail-gunned the trim in on the two sides.

What do you think about the “paint stick” gap?

We caulked where the two 1x4s met! (I let Stephen do this, after my last caulking debacle 🤪).

Here is the finished product!

Next up, I’m going to add something to the wall above… I had to order a stencil and some sharpies for it (hint, hint!). Be sure to check back soon!


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