Kitchen Re-Do on a Budget

Going back to our rental house… before we sold it, we knew we needed to update the kitchen. I feel like kitchens are huge selling points, and our original-1950s kitchen wasn’t going to swing it!

We hired contractors to do the installation, but we ordered some basic white cabinets from Home Depot. We had a free consultation with a HD employee who measured and told us what sizes we needed. Cabinets really don’t break the bank if you don’t want them to. Each 3-4 foot section of doors/drawers/cabinets range from $100-300. Our kitchen wasn’t huge, so it was affordable.

We also got laminate countertops for the kitchen. Again, these were very affordable. I believe an 8-foot piece was about $120 (in 2017).

We bought a new sink and faucet. Our biggest cost was definitely the stove/oven, dishwasher, and microwave, but we shopped smart. We also replaced the flooring with laminate… they put it over the original flooring.

And of course… we painted the walls.

What a difference it made!

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