Refrigerator Organization on the Cheap!

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If you’ve read many of my blogs, you probably have noticed that a) I’m pretty realistic… no HGTV-level stuff here and b) I love to do things as inexpensively as possible. Lately, my refrigerator has been bothering me. We have the side-by-side style, and the disorganization in there drives me nuts! There’s so much wasted space, and things just get thrown in wherever it can fit. We were also buying things that we already had, just because we didn’t know we had it already!

I spent about $50 getting some refrigerator/freezer safe clear bins. I got bigger containers like these (I actually got mine from Target, but these are a better deal), and I got some smaller ones on Amazon. I used some smaller plastic bins from the Dollar Tree. I organized the foods by similarity, and I was amazed at how much these containers helped. They didn’t necessarily solve the wasted space (height-wise) issue, but simply having a place to contain certain foods helped consolidate it all.

Now… these pictures don’t look all that mind blowing, but it made such a difference!

Before on the left… after on the right!


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