The Verdict is In… (on the Paint/Stain Debate)

What debate? Ok, maybe the one I have in my head. 😉 I had posted earlier about end tables that Stephen made and put on FB Marketplace to sell. We had, at first, stained both end tables brown, and they sat and sat… I then painted the base of the table white, leaving the top stained, and we had several people contact us right away about purchasing them.

The next set he made, we painted the bottom white and chalk-painted the top gray…

Again, they sat and sat, so we decided to sand off the gray and stain them brown.

And no joke, within 10 minutes of him posting, we had 2 people message him. The first person bought them both the next day!

So, as of April 2021, I can tell the brown stained top and white bottom look is a clear winner. I wonder what color trend will be “in” next?


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