DIY Wooden Valance for Small Window

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You may recall that I made a wooden window valance for our larger bathroom window a couple of months ago. Well, I had a leftover piece of 2×8 wood from another project that was long enough to fit across my girls’ smaller bathroom window. I decided to make them a wooden valance as well!

I started by measuring the width I needed, and making my cut.

I used spare 1x4s and cut them into small pieces. I wood-glued and then screwed them to the back sides of the valance. (The valance has to sit up off of the window trim about 3/4″ because the blinds stick out about that much)

I then stained the wood using Minwax English Chestnut. The curtains had 7 hooks on them, so I laid out 7 nails, trying to space them out evenly.

I hammered the nails in, angling them slightly up.

I removed the plastic valance from the blinds, and I screwed the piece of wood into the window trim, using 3″ screws.

I hung the (very inexpensive- only $6.56 for both at time of posting!) sheer curtains up on the nails. I tied one curtain in a knot going one direction, and the other in a knot going the other direction. I used white push-pins to hold them in place.

This is SO easy, SO cheap, and makes a nice difference!


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