Door Painting!

If you’re ever wanting to make a fun change without having to invest a lot of time or effort… consider painting a door! It could be your front door, your back door… really, any door in the house. Most types of paints work just fine, so you could get a new, fun color at the store, or just use something you have on-hand. Painting a door usually requires two coats, so not a lot of paint will be used!

Here are some of our before/after (or sometimes during/after because I get a little gung-ho and start before I take a before picture) of doors we have painted!

Before: white garage-entry door. Marks all over it!
Here, I used chalk paint (The Spruce Best Home Paints in Casual Sophistication).
Rental property front door- pretty disgusting.
Shiny and new looking!
Mid-project- it was turquoise to begin with!
Nice and light!
Same rental property- before.
After- shiny and black!
Before- very dark!
After- it makes the room a lot lighter!

One big tip is to think about the skinny side (thickness) of the door… if you’re only painting one side of the door, do you want to leave that as-is (in most cases, white)? Or do you want to paint it to match the side you’re painting? If you want to leave it white, you’ll need to have some white paint on-hand in case you get the new color on it accidentally. Putting paint tape down the side will help, but it isn’t always perfect!

Painting a door can add a bit of color to something that’s normally not colorful… but paint can also update/fix up an old door that is in need of some TLC! Paint is way cheaper than buying a new door, that’s for sure.


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