Painting our Fireplace White

In 2017, we decided to sell a rental house that we owned for about 10 years. The tenants were moving out, and it seemed like a good time to move on from it.

Of course, after 10 years and several families living in it, it needed a LOT of work!

But, for this blog, I’m going to focus on the fireplace. It was a solid brick fireplace that was a focal point of the main room when you walked in. It was just a bit dated and worn looking- red brick with a brown shelf on top, with mismatched brick on the inside. Bleh.

**Important note: this fireplace was not able to be used because of something with the chimney. If you’re interested in painting any part of your fireplace and you actually use your fireplace, definitely check with a paint expert to make sure you have exactly what you would need!

Our realtor recommended that we paint the outside of the brick white, and the inside of the fireplace black. I had never been brave enough to paint brick before, so this was all new to me.

First thing first… I cleaned all of the brick. I vacuumed any particles off and then wiped it all down.

I started off with the inside. I purchased some high heat black spray paint, and spray painted the inside.

I primed the brick with primer and let it dry. I then used regular white latex paint, and did 2 additional coats over the brick. I painted the shelf white as well.

We added candles when we listed it for two reasons: 1) so people would know it wasn’t a working fireplace and 2) to show the depth of the black inside.

There you have it! There are so many different ways you can update a brick fireplace! How would you have updated it?


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