An Easy Way to Hang a Loose Canvas

My son was gifted an awesome Steph Curry canvas by his basketball coach. It was a loose canvas, so I wanted to find the best way to hang it on his wall. You can stretch canvases and wrap them around a wooden frame (like how you mostly see them sold). However, the canvas image went to the edges of the canvas, so I didn’t want to wrap it and take away from the image itself! I also didn’t want to frame it and take away from the canvas look.

I came up with a plan. I used two 1×4 scrap pieces from another project.

I laid the canvas upside down and cut the pieces of wood to the exact width of the canvas. I put one of the wood pieces at the top of the back of the canvas.

I wrapped the top of the canvas tightly around the top of the piece of wood, and I stapled the canvas into the wood.

I put the other piece of wood at the bottom of the canvas. This one was a bit different, since gravity would pull the piece of wood downward. I used super glue and glued the wood onto the canvas. I was careful and only used super glue on the side of the wood, just in case it messed up the canvas. (Spoiler alert- it didn’t!)

I also stapled the canvas after wrapping it around the bottom of the wood.

I added a picture frame holder to the back and voila! Now his canvas is able to be hung up on his wall.


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