Concrete Landscape Edging

At our old house, we had a lot of issues with rain washing away our pine straw in our garden beds. After a lot of research for the best border to use, we decided to go with concrete landscape edging.


This edging was a permanent solution. The team came out and used a trowel tool to make a perfect concrete border along all of our beds.

This is an example of how it works.

They made lines in the concrete to make it look like it was made of separate bricks. They then went back and painted the concrete to match the house! They used exterior paint and sealed it.

Here is what it looked like!

Isn’t that cool?? If you’re interested, google “concrete landscape edging” or “landscape curbing” to find a place near you! Some people also have DIY videos on how to do this on your own, if you think you could manage it yourself. It made a huge different for us, and I feel like it added curb appeal… no pun intended 😉


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