Another DIY Tray- Scrap Wood Project

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My hubby has been building a lot of porch bed swings, which leaves a lot of scrap pieces of wood!

This is one of about 5 piles of scrap wood!

If you follow my blogs, you know I love me some scrap wood projects. I’ve built several trays, which I love to decorate with. I made this one a little different from my others… check it out!

I started off with two 2×8 pieces, cutting them to the same length (about 20 inches). I put wood glue on the sides of the wood pieces and clamped them together to dry.

I cut pieces of 1×3 to the length of the base of the tray, and used wood glue and clamped them down to the base. I also measured and cut pieces of wood to go across the base and fit in between the longer sides.

I clamped everything and let it all dry overnight.

I painted the tray in my new favorite color Jack Pine (Benjamin Moore), and I added 5″ handles I got from Amazon. They broke down to be $2.33 each. I screwed them into the sides of the tray with the included screws.

This is modeled with some new wooden bead garland I got off of Amazon!
This is a blurry pic, but this is how I’ll actually be using it 🙂

Y’all… these trays are SO EASY to make! And they’re super cheap to make, too. You can make these whatever size you want to fit whatever space you need!


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