Painting Furniture- Bye Bye Oak, Hello Gray!

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Well, guys… I have been busy over here, and unfortunately, not with fun projects to blog about! So my blogs have been few and far between lately.

This isn’t the most exciting post, but I did something this summer that I’ve wanted to do ever since we got this furniture! It was my husband’s childhood furniture, and we moved it to our house about 10 years ago. It’s that light/medium oak wood color, and it never seemed to go with any of our room colors.

This is from 3 years ago, but you can see the bed and the night stand.

The furniture has been in my son’s room ever since he got out of his crib. My son apparently took out both his artistic talents and his aggression on his furniture… there were a lot of pictures and writing, as well as scratches (like he took a pen and went back and forth over a section over and over). 😉

So, I’ve been wanting to paint this furniture mostly to change up the color, but also to cover up his artwork!

I did have to photograph this one. It’s my name with a heart. ❤️

Nothing crazy happened with this change… I used my go-to Rustoleum Chalk paint in Country Gray. I used polyurethane on top of the paint to protect it. I used a navy spray paint to paint the knobs navy blue.

I painted the dresser with a mirror, the night table, and his headboard. Here’s how it looks now!

So much fresher and clean looking! I’m so glad I finally made this change.


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