DIY Lego Table

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A few years back, my kids were really into Legos. After about the 5th time of stepping on a Lego (if you know, you know), I decided to look into getting a Lego table. I was surprised to see how pricey they were, and I couldn’t validate spending that much money.

We had an old kitchen table from IKEA in our attic. It was totally scratched up, and I didn’t really have a need for it. I decided to use this to make our own Lego table!

First, we cut the legs down so that they were about 12″ tall. This was a good height for the kids to sit on the floor and play, without it being too low or too high. I purchased 10×10 Lego plates from Amazon (they’re on super sale right now). These are flat plates with the Lego holes on top. They come in many colors! You’ll have to figure out how many your table top would need to know how many to buy.

For my table, I used 11 total, but I cut a few in half using a razor blade since full ones wouldn’t completely fit. I positioned the plates where I wanted them, and one-by-one, I used gorilla glue to secure them onto the table. I put heavy things on top to add pressure until they dried.

And… that was it!! Now my kids had an awesome Lego table for them to play on. I used big tubs to store all of the Legos in and slid them under the table, so my chances of stepping on Legos was much less. 😉

The different squares were nice “separators” for each kid’s projects!

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