How To: Canvas Painting Birthday Party

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A few years ago, we had the best party for my daughter. We were in the midst of getting ready to move, so I wanted a birthday my daughter would remember with all of her friends, while also not adding a lot of extra stress!

So, a painting party it was! The kids LOVED it, and it was really very easy to pull off! Let me tell you what we did.

Purchase list:
-kid aprons (like these)
-paint tray pallets (like these) (I got a couple for each table for paint and one per kid for cupcake toppings)
-canvases- whatever size you want (like these)
-wooden letters for each person’s first initial (found at any craft store)
-washable paint (like this)
-watercolor paint brushes (like these)
-washi tape (like these)- optional
-plastic tablecloths (from the dollar store)
-plastic cups/small bowls for water
-paper towels

The table set-up:

Aprons: I have a Cricut machine and decided to personalize the aprons with the kids’ names- I didn’t (really) pay extra for that.

Painting: for the letters, the kids could freely paint or use the washi tape/stickers to decorate. For the canvases, I pre-traced a picture for the kids to paint over- I did the same image for all of them. That way, the canvases were similar but each child could add their own personal touch!

After they were done painting, I let them dry. I then went over the traced lines with a black sharpie! (I also wrote their names on the back as they were completing them)

Cupcakes: For the birthday cake, I made cupcakes and iced them. The kids got to take a paint pallet with different cupcake toppings and decorate their cupcakes!

That was it! This party was great because it didn’t break the bank, it kept the kids occupied for a couple of hours, and everyone got to take home some homemade goodies!


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