Benjamin Moore Stratton Blue HC-142

Our family owns a very old mountain cabin in the Carolina mountains. We have been thinking about doing some fun project ideas that I’m sure you will see here in the future… but in the meantime, I made a little change and painted the door to the bathroom. The color I chose was Stratton BlueContinue reading “Benjamin Moore Stratton Blue HC-142”

Kids’ Canvas Painting Birthday Party- DIY (plus paint supply deals!)

Hammertime is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our blog, we may earn commissions. A few years ago, we had the best party for my daughter. We were in the midst of getting ready to move, so I wanted a birthday my daughter would remember with all of her friends, while also not addingContinue reading “Kids’ Canvas Painting Birthday Party- DIY (plus paint supply deals!)”

Benjamin Moore Mocha Cream 995 (Paint)

The last color my mom used in her house was Benjamin Moore’s Mocha Cream 995. Benjamin Moore describes this color as a soft gray with violet undertones. I, on the other hand, see more of a light taupe color. Either way, it’s a nice subtle, yet comforting, color that provides something different from the commonContinue reading “Benjamin Moore Mocha Cream 995 (Paint)”

Benjamin Moore Pleasant Valley 696 (Paint)

You may recall the post I did about the Garden Oasis paint by Benjamin Moore that my mom used in her house. It’s a beautiful darker green shade. She also used a similar lighter shade of this color in her bedroom… it’s called Pleasant Valley 696. It is a beautiful green hue with some silverContinue reading “Benjamin Moore Pleasant Valley 696 (Paint)”

Benjamin Moore Garden Oasis 699 (Paint)

My mom painted two bathrooms in her house a gorgeous green color. It’s called Garden Oasis 699 by Benjamin Moore, and it is a deep green shade (described as an “herb green” on the Benjamin Moore website). This shade provides a nice warmth to rooms painted in it. Check out the couple of bathrooms paintedContinue reading “Benjamin Moore Garden Oasis 699 (Paint)”

One Table, Three Different Colors- What Do You Prefer?

When you build something from scratch, you’re all caught up in the planning, buying of the materials, making sure things are cut correctly, actually piecing it together, etc. Once it’s done, the matter of painting or staining the project is a major thought process that you usually overlook… until it’s time to do it! MyContinue reading “One Table, Three Different Colors- What Do You Prefer?”

What Type of Paint do I Need?

It’s hard enough to decide on a specific paint color. Then you go to the paint store, and there are so many different TYPES of paints to pick from! How do you know which one you need? I wanted to inform you on the differences between types of paint that there are! Paints have differentContinue reading “What Type of Paint do I Need?”

Sherwin Williams Debonair 9139 Paint

The last color we used in our house was in my son’s room. He picked out the color, and selected a medium blue/gray color. His room had the most marks on the wall (thanks to him constantly throwing balls around and thumb-tacking basketball posters all over the place!)… so not only does the color lookContinue reading “Sherwin Williams Debonair 9139 Paint”