DIY Counter-Height Stool

I went back to teaching this year, after taking 6 years off and staying home with my kids. I had a stool that I would keep at the front of my classroom, but I got rid of it when I stopped teaching 6 years ago. I talked about getting one again, then realized how easy a stool would be to build!

I came home one day last week, and Stephen had built one for me… it’s perfect and very sturdy! I wanted to share what he did, as I know stools can be useful at tables, islands, bars, kids’ rooms, classrooms, and more.

The extra bonus, since we have so much scrap wood… he used all scrap pieces to build ours! But, if you don’t, I’ll show you what you would need.

The plans Stephen used were from Ana White, who has a TON of free building plans… you should check her out. She has helped us build a lot of projects!

Courtesy of Ana White

Here are the dimensions of this counter-height stool. What you would need is:

-One 2×2 (8 feet)
-One 1×2 (10 feet)
-One 1×12 (11.5″ long)
-2.5″ screws (or 1.25″ pocket hole screws)
-Wood glue, wood filler, and sandpaper
**Precise wood cuts can be found more detailed on the link above.

He cut and beveled the four 2x2s’ ends both at 5 degree angles, then he cut the wood at 23.25″ to make a cut. Continue this three more times. You should be able to get all 4 legs cut from an 8-foot piece of wood. (Note: the angles/beveled edges are important because they make the stool more sturdy)

He cut the wood to go across the top to form the base for the square top. He cut pieces to use as rungs and attached them using pocket hole screws. He added rungs on all four sides. He used wood filler to fill in the pocket holes.

He used a 1×12 and cut in a square to use for the top. He routed the edges to give it a more customized look.

After sanding and painting… check it out!

I can’t wait to put it in my classroom!


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