3 DIY Room Decor Ideas- My Friend’s Projects!

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I have an awesome friend named Amy… you may have heard me mention her before. She’s the one who gave me the dresser that I chalk painted last month. She has three kiddos, and her two daughters shared a room up until a couple of months ago. The girls have had so much fun decorating their new rooms. Amy recently did three DIY projects for her younger daughter’s room that were so cute, that I wanted to share!

First project- a name sign! Amy had found inspiration at a home-craft store, and wanted to recreate it using her daughter’s name. Both her daughters had their names (with wooden letters) on the walls of their nurseries, and as they were switching around rooms, they decided they wanted them back! Luckily, Amy still had the original letters she could use.

Her inspiration.

Amy and her hubby bought one 8 foot piece of 1×3 wood at Lowe’s. They got a worker guy to cut the wood down to three smaller pieces while at Lowe’s. She lined the letters on it to make sure the pieces worked- and they were just perfect!

Amy planned to use some turquoise paint she already had on-hand. She used random wood pieces to set the strips on to paint them, so they wouldn’t get stuck to the drop cloth. It made it really easy to paint around the sides of the wood.

Amy measured out how far the wood pieces should be spaced out before gluing the letters on top.

She used Gorilla wood glue to glue the letters on. The wood glue directions said to “clamp for thirty minutes”, and she did a homemade “clamp”! This made me laugh when she sent me this, because I have totally been there, done that! Hey, whatever works, right? 😉

Here is the final name sign… how cute is this?

I feel like she could sell these on Etsy! So cute!

The next project she did was repurposing a wooden hook shelf from her son’s room- it had been hanging there since before he was born (and he’s now 13!). They had painted it to match his nursery, and now she’s repainting it to go with her daughter’s new room.

It’s a perfect spot for trophies and medals! Repainting furniture can completely change the look and feel… and the bonus is you don’t have to buy something new when you have something that could work!

The last project Amy did for her daughter’s room is repurposing a vintage crate. She wanted a two-tiered crate but in one solid piece… she didn’t like the idea of stacking crates in a kid’s room. She did some searching and shopping and finally found exactly what she wanted. She said it was hiding in the back corner of a consignment shop, covered in dust and spider webs. She didn’t get a picture of it with all the spider webs, but here it is all cleaned up!

Amy’s mom’s friend has a booth at the consignment store where she found this, and she gave her some great tips, as a DIY furniture refinisher. She said to wipe out all the cobwebs, clean and bleach the crate really well (in case there was any mold). She used a spray bottle with bleach/water and soaked the crate with the solution.


Another tip she gave Amy was to use any random paint she had lying around as a primer before painting it turquoise. She found some old trim paint to use as primer, and the crate completely soaked it up! She had to paint over it several times with the primer before she felt comfortable painting it with the turquoise paint.

The turquoise paint was regular wall paint, and the friend said that chalk paint would also work well. It took a couple of days of letting the paint dry on one side before flipping it to the other to finish.

Her assistant, Maya, helped her paint. 😉

Here’s the final product!

What a difference!

Here are the three new items in her daughter’s room.

I love Amy’s creativity, and how she was able to personalize these items for her daughter’s new room! I’m going to be doing another blog in the near future on a cool outdoor sign she made… be sure to check back!


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