25 Easy Scrap Wood Projects

We have an ever-growing stack of excess wood in our workshop. Every time I see it, my mind starts racing… what do we need around the house?? An extra shelf? Something decorative?

I always head over to my faithful Pinterest app to look for scrap wood ideas, and have tried out a few projects that I wanted to share!

  1. Large Dice

2. Carpenter Bee Traps

3. Decorative Lantern

4. Monogram Sign

5. Farmhouse Star

6. Rustic Towel Holder + Toilet Paper Holder

7. Wooden Snowmen

8. Decorative Tray

9. Coat Hook

10. Wall Sign with Clips

11. Address Sign

12. Six Different DIY Signs

13. Window Flower Box

14. Farmhouse Sign

15. Under the Sink Shelf

16. Farmhouse Tray

17. Adding a Frame Around a Mirror

18. Adding a Wooden Top to a Dresser

19. Adding a Wooden Frame to a Canvas

20. Farmhouse Shutters

There you have it… 25 projects I have actually done with scrap wood! Trust me, if I can do it, you can, too!


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