Easy (& Cheap) Coat Hook!

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I went to Home Depot the other day to look for a way to hang things in my daughter’s closet. She has extra bags, hats, and a robe that always end up strewn across the floor of her closet. I looked in the hook/knob section and found these:

These smaller ones ranged from $18-$26!

I started thinking about ALL the scrap wood we still have (despite my best intentions of making stuff out of them!) and figured I could whip something up myself. Home Depot did sell hooks by themselves, but looking at Amazon, I found single hooks even cheaper. This is what I got:

I went ahead and ordered 3 (so, about $5 with tax) and I found a good sized board to use from the scrap pile.

This board is actually a 2×6.

I painted the board a gray color we had on hand, and spray-painted the hooks turquoise blue, a color we had already.

Then, I positioned the hooks where I wanted them to be, and made pencil marks in the holes where the screws should go.

I used the two screws each hook came with, and screwed them in!

I then found some picture hangers we had in a tool box. I decided to use two, one of each side of the back, to hold the items better.

Then, I hung it!

The really cool thing with this idea is that you can literally make it how you want to make it, and what works best for your space! I liked having three hooks a little further apart, and at different levels. You could use longer pieces of wood with more hooks, or smaller pieces with fewer hooks. Also, you can paint this/personalize this as much as you want! For less than $2 a hook, some free wood and paint, and backings we already had… this was a much better deal than the store-bought ones!


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