White Washing a Fireplace… by Accident!

If you have a true, solid brick fireplace and are looking to update it, check out what we just did. My sister is trying to update one of her rental properties, and it has an original 1950s red brick fireplace in the living room. It was so dark for the small room that we decided to paint it white.

After cleaning the brick thoroughly, she painted the brick using white interior paint (semi-gloss). She used a 3” brush and painted over the entire fireplace. The original plan was to go solid white, but the natural brick kept soaking in the white paint, and it gave the fireplace this amazing white-washed look! After she finished the first coat, she asked my opinion… I told her “DON’T TOUCH IT!” 😉 It was gorgeous as is!

So, one coat of semi-gloss white paint on an old red brick fireplace turned out to be the best surprise of an update!

Next steps to this room are to remove the brass centerpiece of the fireplace, paint the walls, and change out the carpet! It’ll be a complete room changer. 🙌🏻


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