DIY Decorative Mirror (from frameless panes)

I had saved six rectangular mirror panes from some old shelves we had… I figured one day I might try to do something with them! They measured about 12″ x 24″ and were frameless. I had an idea in my head that I wanted to try. I totally whipped this plan up on my own, and I’ll tell you that my DIY ways are not necessarily the most professional looking… 😉 But that’s okay!

For my project, I used two of the mirror panes. They were surprisingly heavy and sharp due to not having a frame on them.

You can see how thin the panes are.

I peeled away the paper backing from the edges, and I lined the two panes up next to each other- making sure that they were lined up perfectly.

We had a bunch of scrap 1×4 wood, and I cut two pieces to be a little shorter than the length of the two panes put together. I also used a 1×3 piece of scrap wood to put across the seam where the two pieces met.

Using wood glue, I glued the pieces into place to help keep the two mirrors together. I clamped the wood down and let them dry for a couple of hours.

Once the mirrors were solidly put together, I started making a frame. This was made up of all scrap wood pieces that we had on hand. I used very thin, lightweight wood and I painted all the pieces white. (not all pieces matched, but I tried to make the frame look consistent)

I cut everything to size and wood-glued the wood to the mirror’s edge. I clamped the wood down along the way, to make sure the frame stayed in place.

I filled in some of the gaps with caulk.

Once the frame was completely dry, this mirror piece felt crazy sturdy! It was very heavy feeling, and I wasn’t confident in hanging it on the wall. I decided to put it in my office on a small dresser. Check it out now!

I used a command hook to hang the wreath.

I have 4 panes left… time to start thinking what to do with them!


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